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A blend of the best of Sumatra and Central American coffees, our French Velvet roasted to a dark, shiny finish. Our most popular dark roast, is intense, rich, and has a very smooth finish. A stunning French Roast cup!

A hearty breakfast blend includes specialty coffees from Ethiopia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia. Roasted medium with a refreshing hint of sweet fruit and brightness to start your day!







Our very popular blend of an Indonesian, Central & South American, and even Hawaiian coffees. A medium/dark roast produces a mild and rich flavor, smooth taste and dramatic aroma. The Indonesian provides the popular taste of its natural earthiness, the South American its sweetness, and the Centrals its slight floral aroma. Truly a Farmers Market medley.

A very special blend of Shade Grown coffees from Central America. Unique blend of a lighter roast and a darker roast, these Central American specialty coffees creates a rich caramel, sweet chocolate, medium body, resulting in a well-balanced and hearty cup.







Lighter but powerful roast, this Indonesian and Central American blend delivers an earthy, bright, big body cup with profound sweet notes and subtle hints of fruit.

This Italian espresso possesses the dark sweet chocolate and espresso perfect, smoky earthiness, from its Indonesian component. Its Central Americans provide the needed tang to provide the balance for both espresso based beverages and straight shots. An exclusive crafted blend.








For those who like a smoky dark roast, this blend of our has the same dark sweet chocolate and smoky earthiness as our espresso blend. Use if for drip brewed coffee or espresso drinks.








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